BISHOP cover reveal and blurb!

It may sound strange, but I was far more excited for the release of my second book than my first.

Something about releasing my second book really solidified this for me – that I’m writing down love stories, and people are actually enjoying them. That’s a tall order when there are so many great authors out there.

So I wanted to say thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for taking a chance on my lovers. Ellery and Sophie, Castel and Vail, and soon Josie and Archer all appreciate your wonderful comments. I hope to keep surprising and pleasing you in the future.

Okay, enough of the sappy stuff. How about what’s coming next?

Josie and Archer were both minor side characters in previous books, with barely any speaking lines, but it was obvious (to me) that they were meant to be together.

Once I started writing them…I couldn’t stop.

I revisited their story over and over, crafting their relationship to perfection. How she couldn’t keep her hands off him. How he couldn’t stay away. How hard they both fought against the demons of their past to become worthy of each other. And in the end, that’s just what they are — worthy.

So without further adieu, behold, BISHOP:

The day I went to the courthouse with a gun in my bag, I thought the end of my life would be the end of my suffering. 
No more pain or fear, just bliss.
Then I woke up in a hospital bed with his eyes staring into mine, and I was lost.
He’s charged with protecting me.
I shouldn’t tempt him, but he makes me wicked.
The more he pushes me away, the harder I cling.
But when the darkness surges back in a way I never thought possible, I’m ready to let it take me.
Only now, he’s decided he’s not letting go.
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