Busy busy busy

Super productive and busy week! I got my proof in the mail and spent the last few days going through it line by line to make final corrections prior to publication.

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He’s looking pretty good, honestly. I then did my final reformatting and got all the different versions uploaded to Amazon (paperback and e-book) and IngramSpark (paperback and e-book). I just need to finish up my cover art for the IngramSpark paperback and then we should be good to go!

I did order a second proof after uploading the new MS, so I’ll be looking over that again this weekend to ensure that there are no final issues that I inadvertently caused while making my changes.

Beyond KING, I have ROOK out to my final beta reader before I send it to my editor in April. I’m looking to make a few updates, just tighten up the story a little, but otherwise I’m feeling pretty good about that one.

I’ve also finished a revised draft of BISHOP and am looking to make a few more changes to that over the month of March before sending to betas.

The Kindle version of KING is available right now for preorder at 99c – that price will go up on release day, April 2.

Overall, I’m feeling really good about how things are progressing. I just can’t wait for this month to fly by so KING can go out into the world!

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