November 6th – My first NaNoWriMo

Since I’ve decided to do a rapid release of my first three books, I thought that NaNo was occurring at just the right time this year. Specifically I am working Rook, which is book 2 in the Endgame trilogy. These will be three interconnected standalones. I must say, I’m feeling really good about Rook right now. It’s developing a lot more differently than King, and I’m not sure yet exactly how things are going to play out.

So far I’ve written about 30,000 words, and around 13,000 of those have been for NaNo. I’m really enjoying participating in the sprints on Twitter, and tonight I plan to go to a live write-in with our local group.

As was the case pre-NaNo, some days are easier than others. Last night i knocked out 2,000 words without a problem. Sunday night, it was a struggle to put down 1,500. But the community is so encouraging and I’ve already gathered some new twitter friends in the process.

I’ve also secured my editor for King, which is a relief to have off my plate. I’m planning on buying my ISBNs around Thanksgiving since I heard that they might do Black Friday sales. Additionally, I think I’m going to go with IngramSpark for my paperback publishing. Even though there is a fee to get set up, I think in the long run it’s the right move.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!



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