Rook by Riley Ashby

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Story 5 of 5 stars

Heat 5 of 5 stars

Series – Endgame

Hero -Castel Austen

Heroine – Vail

Trigger Warning

This story continues from the end of ‘King.’ Vail had been kidnapped months ago by a slavery ring, and rescued by Castel and her brother’s dogged determination to do anything to rescue her.
Vail’s brother and Castel took her in at fourteen, hiding her in their dorms to keep her safe. Castel always made her feel safe and even after all these years, he is the only one that helps keep her nightmares away. This foundation of trust, helps her tremendously to heal.

These two have loved each other for years but let outside forces keep them apart. As Vail goes through the difficult process of recovering from being raped and beaten and all the emotional trauma, she also tries to push Castel away. Castel received his wake up…

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BISHOP cover reveal and blurb!

It may sound strange, but I was far more excited for the release of my second book than my first. Something about releasing my second book really solidified this for me - that I'm writing down love stories, and people are actually enjoying them. That's a tall order when there are so many great authors... Continue Reading →

Rook ARCs are out in the world!

  Rook ARCs have been distributed to the ARC team, and I can't wait to see the reviews. With three weeks to go before release, you can get your preorder here. I'll be doing some takeovers and giveaways closer to the date, so follow me on Twitter and Facebook to find out when those will happen... Continue Reading →

Rook is coming May 21st!

I lived through a nightmare no woman should have to endure. Drugged. Sold. Used. He rescued me, as I knew he would, but he could only save my body. My soul is already spoken for. He says it’s not too late. That nothing will come between us again. But the past refuses to let me... Continue Reading →

Busy busy busy

Super productive and busy week! I got my proof in the mail and spent the last few days going through it line by line to make final corrections prior to publication.   He's looking pretty good, honestly. I then did my final reformatting and got all the different versions uploaded to Amazon (paperback and e-book)... Continue Reading →

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